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The ABE GmbH Associated Brands Europe

Associated Brands Europe (ABE) GmbH, is a privately-owned, medium-sized company of the Wolf-Bauwens Group. Over the past several decades ABE has developed its expertise in the areas of office supplies, envelopes and paper products. In 2009 we merged all of the ABE brands into one organization to enhance the nationwide services we provide.
Our persistence in maintaining our knowledge base guarantees that we will provide office solutions that are specifically tailored for small, medium and large-size enterprises, economic organizations and government authorities. ABE has a modern online shop that is accessible 24/7. From the website you can select from our entire product-line and place your order. There are different ABE offices in Germany where products can be ordered by phone, fax or email. Wholesalers can benefit from the cost-saving options that ABE offers.
With a product-line of over 20,000 items and a dynamic logistics operation, we provide continuous and comprehensive support nationwide. All in-country deliveries are made within 24 hours an order is placed, whether through an ABE office or online.
ABE is highly regarded in the paper trade industry and has successfully ventured into the paper production industry by establishing a strategic affiliation with a reputable manufacturer. This is an active relationship in which ABE is contributing innovative product designs for future production.
As we look to the future we envision growth that strengthens our standing in the marketplace and reinforces our commitment to excellence in customer service. As the expansion progresses our integrated products and services will be enhanced to best serve the needs of our clients.

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